For a long time, I’ve been thinking that playing video games could hurt my health, well, in fact everything in excess can hurt my health, and video games are no different. All our mothers complained about the time we spent playing, but they hardly know that these hours could actually be bringing many benefits to our health.

But is it really that video games can bring so many benefits to health? Several researches and experts say yes, games can improve our vision, logical reasoning and even agility. With that in mind, we have decided to bring you 7 scientific evidence that video games are good for our health, and we hope our readers will share this story with their mothers,

1 – Vision

Action games can help us make our vision sharper, and even cure amblyopia, known as the “lazy eye.” Those who suffer from this condition have the vision of one eye worse than the other, and the treatment is sometimes done with an eye patch. Researchers at the University of Nottingham have discovered that an hour of video game can help improve vision as much as 400 hours of use of eye patch.

Another study by the University of Rochester showed that first-person shooters improve vision by increasing the brain’s ability to attend to multiple events at the same time. So, ready for a game of CS GO?

2 – Motor coordination

Surveys say video games can increase our motor coordination and eye-hand coordination. A study conducted at the University of Iowa in the United States shows that three hours of video games a week can also help surgeons have fewer errors in less invasive procedures. The games can also help doctors do the procedures faster, according to the study.

3 – Balance

The University of Ottawa, Canada, tested the Wii video game in patients with Parkinson’s disease. Six weeks after daily 30-minute workouts with Wii Fit (physical exercise) and 15 minutes of Wii Sports (with sports), the study’s people improved balance meaning. Researchers at the university believe that such training can help decrease the decline in body function in patients with this condition.

4 – Good shape

Some games made the kids happy in the malls, such as “Dance Dance Revolution” and “In The Groove”, with those mats suitable for dancing. Wii Fit allows players to perform physical activities, such as surfing, boxing and dancing without putting their feet outside.

5 – Brain

Some simple games like world of solitaire or Tetris, can increase the efficiency of our brain. Experts from Albuquerque, USA, tested 26 teenage girls who played Tetris for 30 minutes a day for three months. The study found that girls developed a thicker cortex than they did not. But not only that, the areas that got thicker are those that scientists believe are linked to the coordination of visual, tactile and auditory information.

6 – Agility

When we play video games, we need to overcome obstacles, think to find the way out, and sometimes this needs to be done quickly. Not to mention the games that have the time, and are even more efficient to improve our agility.

Studies done at the University of Rochester analyzed the response of many young people to rapid challenges, and experts noted that youths who had the habit of playing action games were 25% faster on average to reach a conclusion and answer questions correctly.

7 – Video game against anxiety and depression

Studies at the University of Pennsylvania have shown that some simple cell phone games, such as Candy Crush, for example, are able to relieve symptoms of depression. In addition, this type of play can improve overall quality of life, and even lessen anxiety. The fact is that these games generate feelings of satisfaction and self-efficacy, which is self-esteem to accomplish tasks and hit goals.



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