All About Animal Crossing New Leaf

Animal crossing is a game which allow you to come to know about different
animals and their life. It will inform you about different animal lifestyles. It will
give you access to events and community projects. In this game you will also get a
chance to study art. The game app will also help to get access on everything in the
game. It will help you to complete catalog . The app will help you to
finding information and checking about you achievements in the game. The app
will also help the user to find out about the game and Animal Crossing new leaf
Animal Crossing New Leaf is a complete role play game Publishes by Nintendo 3DS console by Nintendo. Player character which is used in this game is populated with anthropomorphic animals take as a role of Mayor of the Town. you have a full access here to change whatever you want, Some of the popular animal crossing new leaf guide will help your to change whatever you want, you can change your character appearance, for example you can change hair color, eye color etc. You can enjoy different seasons in it. Halloween event is the most popular event of all time in ACNL. You can collect toffees and lollipops by reading Animal Crossing New Leaf Guide, you can sell these lollipops. You can built a museum, house. Player can enjoy fishing and catch other sea creatures and many more.

Shampoodle is a hair salon which can be unlocked on the main street. The hairiest
of shampoodle is poodle. Poodle will give you a new hairstyle. She can change eye
color and hair color. It will give your player a stylish look. At Shampoodle you can
also change the appearance of your player. If you will get haircut 15 times than u
can also unlock the opposite gender haircuts. In order to unlock the shampoodles
, you have to spend 10,000 bells at Ables sister shop and unlock Kicks.
Crazy Redd’s Paintings and Works of art:
To complete your museum you have to buy paintings. Ans you can buy it from
Crazy Redd. He sold painting but you have to be careful because sometime he
sell the fake paintings and you can’t put fake painting in your museum and you
can’t change or return the painting You have to check twice while buying painting
from Crazy Redd. He sold copy of the original painting because they are
cheap. How you will get the difference between the fake and original painting?
Each artwork is based on a real work of art from the real world. Redds artwork will have a major
difference of the fake and original painting. Just you should have the knowledge of painting to not
get fooled.

New Leaf Fish Guide:
Fishing has always been a best pastime for the player from Nintendo’s Animal
Crossing series. You are free to do fishing in New Leaf for 3Ds. You are free to
catch fresh and saltwater fishes and other creatures. You can re tail it or send it to
the museum. You cannot do fishing without rod. You have to purchase it from
Nookling Junction for 500 bells. Upon leaving, enabling it by accessing your file
on the touch screen and select the fishing rod. It will instantly appear in your
character’s hand. -To fish, be on the lookout for dark shadow in the water. Approach and tap
the A button to cast. Always remember that the attracted material must be in front of the
creature’s head for the fish to notice it. Then wait for the fish to swim near the attracted material.

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