Snap Chat Marketing A Beginner’s Guide

5 Things about Snapchat every Marketer should know of

The picture exchanging app that hit the Indian markets in the year 2011-12. This year marked the conceptualization and initial launch all over the world. The app saw a spark of popularity in the Indian market but it didn’t last for long. With a two-year long (December 2012- November 2014) development and fundraising, Snapchat hit the markets again with a wider user base.The year 2016 marked the most successful year in the Snapchat’s progress timeline. As a promotional tool, the Snapchat Marketing team made use of the Video Marketing technique to capture the mass attention.

At present, Snapchat has positioned itself so well in the market that it has become a trend. You can find this app in every youngster’s smartphone. The aggressive Snapchat marketing earned it such a wide market share that today other companies and brands extend hands for running their marketing campaigns on the app.

A good platform for Video Marketing
The content creators and marketers are drooling over the video story format of Snapchat. A series of customized videos are being marketed on Snapchat to promote the brand in local networks and spread awareness. Many big brands have already included Snapchat in their Social Media Marketing platforms.But it had some pros that people cant save videos and pictures which can be saved now by using  Applications like SaveMySnaps,  People, and marketers get benefit by Download Free SaveMySnaps APK. Snapchat is of the instant, a deliverer of your friends’ humorous candid thoughts, pics and videos mainly greased down to go in one ear and out the other. Everyone wants to catch the beautiful moments on snapchat in the form of videos or photos.


Access to live events
The multiple video upload option of Snapchat enables a user to give a live feed of any event to the people connected to their account. There’s absolutely no limit as to how many people one can add or many videos can be added to the story. This is a great way of communicating with the live video concept. Same is with pictures. You click a picture and can straight away upload it.

Showcase the inside story
Let’s say the marketing team of an event using Snapchat. The team can simply upload the videos of the preparation of the event on the Snapchat story to create excitement among the viewers for the events. If a photographer is at an exotic shoot location, he can too create excitement amongst his local community to look forward to his latest work. Also, he may upload a behind the scenes video to further double the excitement.
Similarly, the marketers can upload influencing videos and pictures in their own story as well as Snapchat’s story. So, this is a free way of communicating with a large audience.
Build a personal touch
The snap-stories are an interpersonal form of communication and can help the brands and companies build a personal touch with their target audience. By sharing pictures and videos of daily life, it is like the viewer is present at the location itself. Thus, building a powerful personal communication.
From the consumer point of view, the marketers are well aware of the fact that a consumer is more likely to buy a product they can relate to and a product that uses the personal appeal in its promotion.

Connect with influencers
Well, the social media has given an opportunity to a lot of individuals to build their fan following and influence them. There are such local influencers in every community and the brands with smart marketers know that connecting with influencers is a clever move. Reaching out to the target audience through the local influencers is an effective way of communicating with the target audience.

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